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  • Solder paste storage ...

    Solder paste storage ...

    Solder paste storage machine function: solder paste automatic storage, warming, stirring, receiving, and disappearing af
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  • automatic inkjet printer

    automatic inkjet printer

    Currently, the environmental protection requirements for electronic products and circuit board production in China are v
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  • Online Marking Machine

    Online Marking Machine

    PCB cutting / inner layer laser to play QR code or serial number, online marking machine used in PCB industry, is benefi
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  • Online Labeling Machine

    Online Labeling Machine

    Shanmu Automation Online Printer is highly automated and can be used in a variety of labeling, adhesive and self-adhesiv
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  • SMT labeling machine

    SMT labeling machine

    The structure of Shanmu Automation SMT labeling machine includes organic frame. The top of the frame of the machine is e
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  • PCB labeling machine

    PCB labeling machine

    With the continuous development of electronic technology, PCB (printed circuit board) will appear in almost every electr
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  • PCB inkjet printer

    PCB inkjet printer

    PCB circuit board is one of the core components of most electronic products and appliances. The quality of PCB circuit b
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  • SMT inkjet printer

    SMT inkjet printer

    At present, Shanmu Automation's SMT printer has been widely used in the chip manufacturing industry. In the traditional
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  • Online inkjet printer

    Online inkjet printer

    The traditional inkjet printer is an automated device for printing characters on the surface of the item including produ
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  • PCB marking machine

    PCB marking machine

    PCB laser marking machine is used for marking information such as one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and text on
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  • Co2 marking machine

    Co2 marking machine

    For marking in the PCB industry, use CO2, or UV for marking, and select the type of laser for different PCB ink colors.
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  • PCB laser marking machine is a special model for marking barcodes, QR codes and characters, graphics and other informati
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