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PCB marking machine

PCB marking machine

PCB laser marking machine is used for marking information such as one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and text on PCB board. After marking, it will self-test and return information. No manual operation is required in the production process. , can work with SMT production line online...

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PCB Labeler

PCB labeling machine is used for information marking of one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, text, etc. of PCB board, self-test after marking completion, and return information, production No manual operation is required in the process, it can be operated online with SMT production line, or it can be combined with automatic upper and lower board machine to form offline workstation, which can realize single or double-sided marking.

Product advantage:

The connection function of the connection can be connected to the online operation of the PCB production line, or it can be combined with the automatic upper and lower board to form an offline workstation.

Roller PCB transport track design, the roller plays the role of transport and load during transportation, thus solving the problem of large surface thickness Handling and transportation problems of thin PCB.

Automatically adjust the Z-axis design. When playing PCBs with different thicknesses, it can be compatible by adjusting the height of the Z-axis.

Optional camera and laser coaxial mechanism design, can achieve synchronous reading and rating after marking.

PCB labeler hardware configuration:

Laser: CO2/Fiber/Green/UV

Vision System: CCD Positioning, Self-Test and Rating

Sports platform: high-precision linear motion module, belt conveyor track

Automation: automatic adjustment of track width; and can be equipped with electric focusing system

Auxiliary device: standard laser processing Smoke Purifier

PCB Labeler Communication Interface: Standard SMEMA Interface