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PCB labeling machine
PCB labeling machine

With the continuous development of electronic technology, PCB labeling machines will appear in almost every electronic device. Electronic devices are becoming more and more complex, and the required PCB labeling machines are becoming more and more dense, distinguishing PCBs of various sizes. The effective method is PCB labeling. The original manual labeling, because of its low efficiency, has been unable to meet the needs of society, and the application of labeling machines. However, most of the existing labeling machines use a stepping motor as a driving component, which has complicated structure and control, high manufacturing cost and single function, and cannot meet the labeling requirements of PCB boards of various forms. Therefore, Shanmu Automation has designed and developed an STM multi-energy PCB labeling machine with low cost, compact structure and simple operation, which has important practical value.

Shanmu Automation PCB Labeling Machine can reliably attach the self-adhesive label to the front and back of the PCB. The number and position of the barcodes on the front and back can be set arbitrarily. The barcode used on the front and back is the same. To accomplish this, the system must perform the following operations: the transport and accurate positioning of the labeled PCB board, the precise feeding of the labeling material sticker, the peeling of the label from the label strip, and the label being securely It is attached to the PCB and the finished product can be output smoothly after the labeling is completed.

PCB labeler

PCB Labeler