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Online Marking Machine

Online Marking Machine

PCB cutting / inner layer laser to play QR code or serial number, online marking machine used in PCB industry, is beneficial to process traceability control is also full process trace laser engraving link, laser The light source adopts high-power fiber laser (50/100W) high-speed engraving or serial number to realize the production capacity of 8 pieces/Min or more PCB board...

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Automatic online laser SMT inkjet marking sample /SAMPLE PICTURES

online marking machine

automatic online laser Marking machine advantage / ADVANTAGE

Using Japan/USA imported CO2 laser components, fiber, green light, UV laser, stable performance

Imported high-speed galvanometer, machining accuracy High, marking speed is fast

Three-stage + built-in flaps are optional

X/Y mobile laser + Z-axis automatic height adjustment

CCD+Mark point positioning, high precision

Camera reading code, and personalization and MES docking

SMT inkjet printer intelligent foolproof anti-heavy code

No consumables, no pollution, no maintenance

Friendly interface, easy to learn and use

Applicable to various PCB/FPC/aluminum substrates (white oil, black oil, Blue oil, green oil, etc.)

Corresponding to PCB L450*W400mm (flip)/L800*W400mm

SMT printer can accept non-standard customization according to customer requirements

online marking machine

online marking machine

PCB The material/inner layer laser is used for QR code or serial number. The online marking machine is applied to the PCB industry, which is beneficial to the process of traceability control. It is also a full-process retrospective laser engraving. The laser source uses high-power fiber laser (50/100W). Engraving Or the serial number can realize the production capacity of 8 pieces/Min or more of PCB board, and adopt the online structure, which can be directly connected to the production line.

Shanmu Automation SMT Printer Features:

* Fully automatic control, PC+QC software control, Windows 7 operating system.

*Optional configuration of CO2/FAYB laser marking system, with XY precision positioning, CCD+MARK precise positioning. The marking position accuracy is less than 0.02mm.

* can imprint Chinese characters, English, numbers, charts, serial numbers, LGOG, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

* can access the shopflow\EMS system.

*Supports the import of documents such as Geber and DXF.

*Supports the marking of different types of materials such as PCBs, FPCs, and metal shields.

* Features high quality, high yield, high stability, no production consumables.