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SMT inkjet printer
SMT inkjet printer

At present, Shanmu Automation's SMT printer has been widely used in the chip manufacturing industry. In the traditional SMT production process, SMT coding and counting are mainly carried out by manual operation. In the manual coding process, since the shape and width of the SMT materials involved are different, and the number of characters printed is also large, it is necessary to configure a corresponding production line for each workflow, resulting in high production cost. Moreover, the manual operation makes the printing efficiency low, and the demand for printing SMT tapes of various specifications in large quantities cannot be satisfied. In addition, after the printing is completed, it is necessary to collect the number of SMT tapes after the coding, so that the labor intensity is large and the work efficiency is low.

SMT Printer

The SMT inkjet printer developed by Shanmu Automation Lock mainly solves the technical problems that the existing SMT coding and counting need to be manually operated, resulting in high labor intensity, low work efficiency, and high production cost.

Shanmu Automation SMT inkjet printer features:

1. Full servo high speed and high precision printing;

2. Standard CCD positioning and reading system;

3. Perfect communication protocol to ensure that the printing function is freely set;

4, printing quality detection function, always grasp the process straight-through rate (optional);

5, automatic upper and lower plate device, can achieve real automation (optional)

6, SMT inkjet printer and MES system all-round data docking.