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Solder paste storage machine manufacturer

Solder paste storage machine manufacturer

Solder paste storage machine function: solder paste automatic storage, warming, stirring, receiving, and disappearing after use; support the shift group online reservation to return to warm and use, return temperature overtime alarm, When the value is half a bottle and then stored, it is FIFO. Solder paste storage machine traceback...

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Solder paste storage machine function:

Solder paste storage cabinet, warming, stirring, receiving, and eliminating code after use; support the shift team to make an online reservation for warming and requisition, returning to the temperature overtime alarm, and storing half a bottle for the first in, first out.

solder paste storage machine manufacturer

Solder paste storage machine traceability:

The solder paste storage cabinet docks the customer MES/SFCS system, scans the code in the warehouse, scans the code out of the warehouse, scans the code back, sweeps the code, and scans the code. After use, the code is erased, the refrigerating time, the warming time, the stirring time. , reclaiming time, storage and access information, refrigerating temperature and other data tracking and storage, information management.  

solder paste storage cabinet

Solder paste storage cabinet product features / ADVANTAGE

Using imported coding components, high stability.

Using micro industrial computer + board control, solid state hard drive, its speed, stability and anti-interference ability are far superior to the same industry products

Automatic cleaning function, no hole blocking, saving consumables

CCD positioning, high precision

Camera reading, docking with MES

X, Y+ Z 360 rotation, can achieve multi-panel printing in different directions

Template design, can print multiple sets of different information at the same time

This machine is customized according to customer's requirements and can be installed on any production line, such as: bag labeling, fertilizer packaging labeling, food packaging labeling, pharmaceutical packaging labeling, etc. The device is controlled by the PLC control system and operates on the touch screen man-machine interface. The shell material is made of high quality 304# stainless steel. GMP compliant.

◆ Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, barcodes, etc.

◆ Applicable products: can be installed on the matching packaging machine or bag making machine and any production line.

◆ Application industry: widely used in medicine, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries.