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SMT labeling machine

SMT labeling machine

The structure of Shanmu Automation SMT labeling machine includes organic frame. The top of the frame of the machine is equipped with a load-bearing platform with strong bearing capacity, and the control frame is equipped with easy-to-operate control components....

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Mountain Automation SMT labeling machine consists of an organic frame. The top of the frame of the machine is equipped with a load-bearing platform with a strong bearing capacity, and the frame of the machine is easy to operate. Control component. The streamline device on the carrying platform of Shanmu Automation SMT labeling machine is designed in the form of pair distribution, and the top of the streamline device is specially designed with a jacking device, and the sucking device is designed at the top of the streamline device. Designed on the outside of the streamline device, the discharge end of the streamline device is provided with a detection device. Shanmu Automation participates in the overall control of the control component design when designing the SMT labeler to achieve automatic labeling of SMT devices. The automatic travel labeling of the SMT device is achieved by using a separate streamline device and a printing device.

Shanmu Automation SMT labeling machine by using a suction label The device realizes the grasping and adjusting function of the SMT device. The design of the function effectively ensures the accuracy of the labeling position, and the operation is simple and convenient, and no manual intervention is needed. In the process of use, after the labeling is abnormal, the alarm component can promptly alarm, which is convenient for local maintenance and troubleshooting.

Features of Shanmu Automation SMT Labeler

I. A stable, user-friendly software control system for automatic laminating machines

 Based on the Windows operating system platform, With multiple user levels, visual programming methods, operation is simple and fast.

Second, high-resolution, high-precision visual coordinate positioning

 The full visual positioning and laminating machine system is composed of two high-resolution smart cameras and a stable and unique positioning algorithm, which can correct the label and product X, Y, R direction and plate bending error, with double Header use, efficient and fast.

Three, integrated integrated control drive system

 Using the German Rexroth's NYCE control integrated controller, the motion control curve is perfect, the perfect debugging tool is standard, and the machine noise and vibration are very small.

Four, high-precision AC servo system

 High-precision servo motor, equipped with high-precision and low-noise THK screw and guide rail, which makes the equipment extremely repeatable and stable.

V. Efficient multi-station design

 Efficient multi-bit design, can support a variety of custom-made different labeling applications at the same time, greatly improve production efficiency, and meet the diversified needs of customers.

Six, intelligent Feida design

 Electronic label feeder, easy to operate, accurate feeding and easy to replace, can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications automatic feeding device.

Seven, configurable header design

 Header can be customized according to customer's products.

eight, laminating machine intelligent control

 Using the central data service, real-time transmission of production progress through Ethernet, with a customized reporting system, comprehensive understanding of production.

Fully automatic SMT labeling machine: standard platform, flexible adaptability, wide application range; automatic labeling machine is suitable for SMT industry label, adhesive, shield cover and flexible board reinforcement attachment, lens, wafer, components, etc. Sticker protective film, high temperature adhesive tape, QR code label, etc.

SMT Labeler