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PCB inkjet printer
PCB inkjet printer

PCB printer is one of the core components of most electronic products and electrical appliances. The processing quality of PCB printers is largely the service life of electronic and electrical products. There are many links in the production process of PCB inkjet printer, including material cutting→inner film→internal etching→inner layer inspection→browning→typesetting→pressing plate→drilling→sinking copper→outer film→pattern plating→outer layer In the inspection → green oil → white words → gold finger → spray tin → V pit, beer plate → electric test → final inspection → final inspection → packaging → shipping inspection → delivery and other links.

PCB Printer

Many of these parts of the PCB printer need to use the printer. Through the operation of the PCB printer, serialization marks can be generated for each board, which ensures that the information can be processed during the production process of the circuit board. According to the evidence, the source can be checked, and the responsibility can be investigated, so as to improve the quality of the circuit board.

The PCB printers developed by Shanmu Automation are designed to track the production of PCB boards. Manufacturers attach barcodes on PCB boards through PCB printers, and the information contained in these barcodes can make the PCB boards produced traceable. Compared with the prior art, the printing of the barcode on the PCB by the hand-held printer is relatively low in efficiency, and the positional consistency of the printed barcode is difficult to ensure.

Shanmu Automation PCB Printer Features:

1. Full servo high speed and high precision printing;

2. Standard CCD positioning and reading system;

3. Perfect communication protocol to ensure that the printing function is freely set;

4, printing quality detection function, always grasp the process straight-through rate (optional);

5, automatic upper and lower plate device, can achieve real automation (optional)

6, with the MES system full range of data docking.