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Online Labeling Machine

Online Labeling Machine

Shanmu Automation Online Printer is highly automated and can be used in a variety of labeling, adhesive and self-adhesive circuit boards in the SMT industry...

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First, Shanmu Automation online labeling machine is mainly used for SMT and PCB circuit board labeling, and its advantages are obvious:

1. Shanmu Automation online inkjet printer has a high degree of automation, and can be applied to various labeling, adhesive and self-adhesive circuit boards in the SMT industry;

2. Shanmu Automation Online Labeling Machine can greatly reduce the labeling error rate caused by manual operation, thus improving the productivity of SMT online labeling machine;

3. Make the SMT production line more circulated and more powerful: its patch speed can reach 3600 pieces/hour, and its visual positioning system can realize two sets of high-precision visual alignment elements;

4. The sensitivity of online labeling reaction is high, and the scope of application is wide: optional alignment, one-center alignment, two-pair medium format, suitable for various high-speed, high-precision labels and adhesives;

Second, Shanmu Automation online automatic labeling machine features:

1. Optional automatic barcode recognition system and barcode printer.

2, full vision positioning placement system

3, can be paid for veneer and jigsaw

4, with SKIP function

5. The electronic label feeder is controlled by optical fiber and motor. The precise feeding method and modular planning operation are simple and easy to replace. The label feeder of various specifications can be prepared according to customer requirements.


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