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What are the application industries of SMT labeling machine?

What are the application industries of SMT labeling machine

We will label the things we buy. Who is the credit? As the name implies, it is mainly the selfless dedication of SMT labeling machine. With it, it can save resources and reduce the pressure on employees. When using the SMT labeling machine, we need to understand its performance, know the specific operation method of each step, and pay attention to the maintenance of it. Today, Xiaobian will come to learn about the application of the SMT labeler security labels in various industries, as follows: p>

  1. Pharmaceutical industry The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a large-scale user who is actively labeling. The speed requirement is very high. The design of the SMT labeling machine should take into account the integration of the pre-labeling process and supply the labeling front lamp inspection and labeling after the active bottle holder. Additional features.

  2. What are the application industries of the SMT labeler?

2. Daily chemical industry: the use of the daily chemical industry requires that the shape of the container is often changed. The soft plastic container and the “no label visual sense” add to the difficulty of labeling and bubble sweeping.

3. Food industry: The food manufacturing industry is highly competitive, and multi-layer labels provide more for vertical SMT labeling machine manufacturers. The space for publicity and promotion has also put forward new challenges for the design of SMT labeling machines.

4. Beverage industry: the use of the beverage industry requires high speed and accurate positioning, and often a bottle of multiple labels, plus labels The appearance and information often change, and the technique of orientation control is very demanding when labeling.

5. Electronics industry: The electronics industry requires very professional use of labels, in addition to the special nature of the label information, the SMT stickers The standard machine also requires extremely high precision. The high-speed SMT labeling machine cooperates with other production links, can print a lot of data in real time, and can communicate with the main system data.

6. Battery industry: The battery manufacturing industry has widely used active SMT labeling machines for volume labeling to shorten the use of labels. A well-designed SMT labeling machine can work together at high speeds to ensure that the interface of the label is flat, taking into account the need to avoid short circuits and the ability to supply labels together.

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