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Online labeler troubleshooting

< p="" style="white-space: normal; text-indent: 2em; text-align: center;"> Online labeling machine troubleshooting

No matter what we use, the method of operation should be correct, especially when using the online labeling machine, so that there is no problem in the process of use, which can improve efficiency. According to Xiaobian, the cyclical problem of online labeling machines means that the same number of containers will show the same abnormal labeling situation. The reason for the periodicity is that a labeling device or a component on a certain delivery device presents abnormal symptoms, and according to this idea, the problematic component can be found. Damage to the body mark, skewed label, no glue on one side of the label, and no glue in the corner of the label may cause problems in the online labeling machine.

Online labeling machine Body damage The symptoms of periodic body damage are in most cases due to the rotation of the wheel of the export star. Specifically, one or more of the grooves in the upper wheel of the export star wheel now exhibit cracks, spurs, deformations, wear, etc., which will tear, scratch, wrinkle, and bump the body. The upper part; likewise, the problem presented by one or several grooves in the lower wheel of the exit star wheel will damage the lower part of the figure. In addition, foreign objects between the upper and lower discs can also damage the body. Normally, the back mark is smaller than the body mark, so the possibility that the back mark is damaged by the exit star wheel is also smaller.

Online labeler troubleshooting

● Label skewing Periodic label skew symptoms are in most cases formed by certain components on the grab drum. Ability to find reasons from the following components:

● The gripper clip refers to the condition of the underlying block or the conditioning is not normal. For example, the pad is now worn; the gap between the pad and the palm is too large or too small; the pad does not work well with the finger.

●The gripping finger refers to sticking to the glue or the conditioning is not normal. For example, one clip can hold the label, and the other clip can't clamp the label; the clip is not at the center of the palm groove; the flipping or closing time of the clip is incorrect; the clip cannot cooperate well with the spacer Wait.

●The sponge push block is glued or worn or deformed.

● The pinch spring on one of the grab fingers is now cracked or stuck.

● The universal joint shaft of the labeling station is not installed correctly, that is, the mark on the cardan shaft is not aligned.


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