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SMT inkjet printer FAQ summary

SMT inkjet printer FAQ summary

SMT inkjet printer It is one of the core equipments in the production line. It has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, flexibility and intelligence. With the rapid development of electronic products, the automatic labeling machine has also been widely applied and correspondingly developed, but in Some inevitable faults will occur during the use of the labeling machine. Many customers don't know how to solve it. So today, our after-sales engineer Li Jinting has made some corresponding troubleshooting solutions for the SMT online labeling machine. Ensure that the machine is in optimal operating condition, which greatly increases productivity. SMT Printer Common Faults and Handling:

● Fault description: Can't read video

Remedy: 1. Check if the camera wiring is loose? Yes, re-lock

SMT inkjet printer FAQ summary

2. Close the software to reopen

● Fault Description: Servo Alarm

Processing method: Refer to the servo parameter alarm exclusion for exclusion. After the exclusion, click the servo reset button on the software

● Fault description: The software does not work and the software button clicks are not used

Remedy: Close Re-open the file, restart the computer if it is still not working, re-open the software

● Fault description: Inductive anomaly

Processing method: Observe whether the position sensor has induction and adjust the sensing distance; when the three-section rail is used, the upper computer does not enter the board or the lower position machine does not come out. It may be a problem with the sensor. Observe whether the sensitivity of the sensor is normal. When the X-axis shelf moves, the nozzle touches the sensor area of the rail, which will cause the upper computer not to enter the board or the lower position machine to not exit the board and the front rail. Not off the board;

● Fault description: Mounting angle is abnormal

Processing method: Observe that the U-axis synchronous wheel top wire is loose, slipping when cornering, and improving after tightening the screw;

● Material processing anomaly: the customer incoming material is not good, the material is too deep under the processing of the material, the material is broken through, affecting the discharge and reclaiming;

Improvement measures: It is recommended that customers communicate with the processor, adjust the depth of the knife to avoid piercing the tape.

●Material strip selection Type abnormality: material material viscosity is too high, can not be stripped, abnormal discharge;

Improvement measures: It is recommended to replace the high strength of the release Tape, part of material evaluation replacement thin paper tape

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