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Working principle of PCB laser marking machine

PCB laser marking machine works

We need to understand the working principle of any kind of machinery, especially when using the PCB laser marking machine, and grasp more information to prevent the problem. The correct application and maintenance are very important, so we must bear this in mind in the process of use. Today, Xiaobian came to learn with us what the core operating principle of the PCB laser marking machine is, as follows:

According to the information Xiaobian learned, the PCB laser marking machine began the process of feeding the box to the PCB laser marking machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt, due to its convenience. Brought great convenience to our work. The mechanical fixture separates the boxes by a fixed distance and pushes the box along the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the laser marking machine includes a drive wheel, a labeling wheel, and a reel. At this time, the driving wheel intermittently drags the label belt to move, and the label tape is pulled out from the reel, and together with the labeling wheel, the label tape is pressed against the box, and the work is completed. An open-loop displacement control is used on the reel to hold the tension of the label strip. Since the labels are closely connected to each other on the label strip, the label must be constantly stopped and stopped.

PCB laser marking machine works

We can know that the label is attached to the box with the labeling wheel moving at the same speed as the box. When the belt reaches a certain orientation, the label belt drive wheel will speed up to match the speed of the conveyor belt, and then decelerate to a discontinuity after labeling.

PCB laser marking machines are divided into different types according to different labeling products. We often have round bottle labeling, plane labeling, carton labeling, online printing and so on. Each type of machine is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic according to customer's output.

Semi-automatic PCB laser marking machine works. After manually placing the product on the machine, press the switch to start labeling. After the labeling electric eye detects a label, stop labeling and then manually remove the product.

The working principle of fully automatic PCB laser marking machine. It can be connected to the customer's production line, and the measuring object detects the product. Then the PCB laser marking mechanism starts to mark the standard, the labeling mechanism performs the labeling, and the labeling electric eye detects a label (the front label is two). Finish, then stop the bidding and complete the labeling action of a product.

There are times when the label may slip, so there is a registration mark on it to ensure that each label is placed correctly so that there is no confusion. Sometimes we are confused about the registration mark. In fact, the registration mark is read by a sensor. During the deceleration phase of the label, the drive wheel will re-adjust the orientation to correct any orientation errors on the label.


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