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How to maintain the online inkjet printer

< p="" style="white-space: normal; text-indent: 2em; text-align: center;">How to maintain the online printer

The type of online inkjet printer can be divided into fully automatic online inkjet printer and semi-automatic online inkjet printer, each of which has its own advantages, and has been widely used. We are operating online inkjet printers. It is necessary to pay attention to its standard operation, so that it can better extend the service life of online inkjet printer and reduce the cost. So what are its standard usage methods? Let's take a look at the following :

How to maintain the online printer

● The winding direction of the label roll must be correct .

● Is there enough space in the online inkjet printer packaging line reserved for the online printer;

●The production line and line speed of the production line should be kept in sync with the online printer;

● The operation of the product and the direction of the self-adhesive online printer are guaranteed.

● The placement of the product on the production line and on the online printer is the same.

●Conveyor direction and direction of transmission.

● There are no special requirements for connection to other machines on the production line and interfaces;

●The height of the transport surface is appropriate;

Required when using the online printer Pay attention to these safety issues:

●If the online coding machine is not used for a long time, please turn off the power plug or cut off the incoming power.

●When cleaning and maintenance of the online printer, pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof treatment of electrical components.

● Any parts that are removed from the online printer should be powered off.

●Online printer operation, prohibiting any flammable or explosive, or corrosive objects close to the working range of the online printer.

● When the online printer is running, do not approach the moving parts such as hands or hair to avoid pinching.

●Online printers should check the corresponding power and air source before starting the machine; and ensure that no obstacles enter the online spray The working range of the code machine. 7. If the online inkjet printer malfunctions, it must be inspected and repaired by the manufacturer's professional or authorized personnel.

●Online printers should be regularly maintained and recorded.

●Online printers should have strict safety guidelines.

● The operator must be trained by the manufacturer system before passing the test.

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