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Development skills of PCB printers

PCB printer's operation skills sharing

The label of the product is increasingly being paid attention by the enterprise. The information it carries is directly visible to the broad consumers. The exquisite trademark brings the consumer a direct purchase wish. Therefore, in addition to the beautiful appearance of the label, it should also be beautifully laid out. PCB printer can replace the manual method to complete the perfect labeling!

How can the PCB printer be sent to The best working condition makes the label improperly attached and beautiful, which requires us to attention to ensure that it is the most extreme? About How much do you know about the use of PCB printers? When we apply PCB printers, we need to master a Can improve the use value of the machine, the following small series for everyone to introduce the common knowledge of the use of PCB inkjet printer.

PCB printer operation skills sharing

Eliminate the effects of static electricity. The PCB marking machine labeling process is also very simple to generate static electricity, which will also affect the labeling effect, and properly improve the labeling of the field humidity. Must improve. The internal temperature of the PCB printer is automatically controlled, and the internal cleanliness of the device can be controlled independently to keep the label away from dust.

Adhesive product labeling quality. This will eliminate the phenomenon of tilting in the labeling process and reach the perfect visual sensory effect. Change the shape of the label. Make the bottom end of the label curved and try to avoid the deformation zone of the seal. Of course, the arc can't be opened too deeply, otherwise the tag itself will simply cause wrinkles, adding unnecessary trouble. Regarding the opposite sex, the shape of the label is required to be changed accordingly, so that it can not only be able to

preventing the warning can also be added Aesthetic.

Use soft label materials as much as possible, and excellent label ductility will improve the warp.

When the tag goes to the tag sensor, it announces an electrical signal, notifying the master or perhaps the PLC unit, acknowledging the tag Orientation, through the program operation, what is the node at the next step of the bidding, and the corresponding labeling driver preparation is completed. The sensor that senses the orientation of the label is selected according to the label material. If it is a general paper label, the PCB printer sensor can be used. If it is a hot stamp or a transparent label, the WLBS-110N label special sensor should be used. Sharing the same interface, the time of use can be replaced! The sensing of the orientation of the object is the same as the orientation of the label orientation! When the labeling object is sensed by the orientation, it is announced The main program is signaled, which is the time node of the labeling or the preparatory next step.

The PCB printer relies on the instructions announced by the sensor to accurately and usefully identify and announce commands, and the cooperative computing unit performs Accurate control, complete labeling action!

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