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Introduction to solder paste management machine

Introduction to solder paste management machine

solder paste management machine uses microcomputer control, temperature digital display, can be adjusted by constant temperature between 2-8 ° C, the fluctuation range is small.  

Keyboard lock protection to prevent arbitrary adjustment of operating parameters;

● alarm temperature range free setting; system fault alarm (high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm);

● Fluorine-free environmentally friendly refrigeration system, manufacturing green products and creating a green world.

●High-quality wire dip-adjustable shelf for easy access and easy cleaning.

● High accuracy: Temperature control accuracy up to ±0.5 °C.  

Introduction to solder paste management machine

●No noise design: using the latest fluorine-free environmental protection Compressor refrigeration technology.  

Solder Paste Management Machine< pan="">The air-cooled structure is adopted to reasonably design the air duct and air volume, and the temperature inside the box is stable and uniform.  

● Reasonably design the evaporator to effectively increase the cooling area and increase the cooling rate.  

◆ Intelligent control fan strong refrigeration gas circulation system to ensure stable and uniform temperature inside the box;

◆ High temperature control accuracy, small temperature deviation, constant temperature fluctuations less than plus or minus 1 degree (±1 °C, plus or minus 1 °C, plus or minus one degree), ideal state The lower temperature fluctuation is less than plus or minus 0.5 degrees (±0.5 °C);

Solder paste management machine The inner wall never frosts, the evaporator also has automatic anti-frost function, long-term continuous operation can also ensure the cooling effect and temperature stability, never need to heat up the frost Or stop defrosting, suitable for long-term preservation of solder paste;

● high and low temperature alarm and sensor fault alarm function. The lock function prevents accidental touches from causing temperature changes.

● Large screen digital display for easy viewing.

●Multi-layer shelf design, which can adjust the gap according to the specifications of the stored items and make full use of the space.  

●Low power consumption: only 0.45KWh per day; wide voltage band, suitable for unstable voltage regions; 

●Automatic induction lamp design, transparent insulated glass door, touch button design, easy to operate.  

Solder Paste Management Machine< pan="">The cabinet is machined by CNC machine tool, which is beautiful in appearance and adopts no reaction handle. It is easy to operate. The outer casing of the box is sprayed with A3 steel plate, which increases the appearance texture and cleanliness.  

Sand paste Management machine security door lock design prevents any opening.

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