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PCB laser marking machine and use and maintenance knowledge

PCB laser marking machine and knowledge of use and maintenance

There are many forms of failure of the PCB laser marking machine. It may be because the labeling box is not placed in place, resulting in unsuccessful labeling. It is also possible that the centerline of the label box is not corrected, causing the label to be unacceptable or uneven. At this time, we need to cut the center line of the PCB laser marking machine to the target board and the label paper. The three are in a straight line, and the label box can be slightly moved. Secondly, the position of the labeling hook of the standard box is adjusted. The hooks of the upper and lower left and right sides need to be labeled on the same vertical plane, but sometimes the position of the hook is not accurate, so we need to adjust it. Its location, then check to see if it is a problem with other parts of the automatic labeler. Finally, the distance between the standard paper and the standard box, the distance between the standard paper and the standard box should not be too large, and it should not be too small, and it can be kept between 0.8mm~1mm. The automatic labeling machine has a skew mark when it is too far from the assembly, and it cannot be accurate, and then the quality is not enough. If the distance is too small, the push mark will be formed, which will prevent the label from being carried out, so pay special attention to this problem.

PCB laser marking machine and use and maintenance knowledge

PCB laser marking machine has been widely used in tendon pads, which have the following advantages. First, according to the tendon label, it can have good resilience and minimize the pinching phenomenon when the drum mark is taken out. Second, the tendon pads have a good coefficient of friction, and the surface is relatively smooth, which can smoothly take the mark. Third, the equipment wears slowly and can be used stably for a long time.

The PCB laser marking machine adds two rows of brushes under the premise of the original three-row brand machine brush, so that the brushing strength can be improved comprehensively, and the labeling can be carried out more smoothly. Before the label is attached, it is necessary to properly install the diagonal brush, which has an angle of about 70°. First, the sponge roller is appropriately added to the labeling machine to change the bubbling, warping and wrinkling of the middle part of the labeling machine in time. Second, the sponge roller is relatively soft, not only will not damage the bottle, and will not wear the trademark. The third is to properly set up the brush in front of the sponge roller, brush the back label, and the sponge roller crushes the back label again to ensure a smoother level. After improving the labeling machine equipment, the OPQS score of 2% to 3% is improved, and the score can reach 97-99; the wear of 0.18 label paper is reduced, so that the problems of wrinkles, bubbling, and pinching can be effectively solved, and the labeling machine can be ensured. Better use results.

The PCB laser marking machine does not have a label. First check to see if the system is faulty and see the cause of the problem. Secondly, look at the electrical eye of the object: the orientation is wrong, the orientation of the electric eye needs to be adjusted; if the electrical eye is faulty, the electric eye needs to be replaced. If the labeling label is not tight enough, it will cause the label to be out of order, and the paper can be adjusted. Perhaps the power of the header is not connected, and the power can be turned on.

The PCB laser marking machine is successively awarded. Check the label electric eye: the label's electric eye is not in the right direction, adjust the electric eye orientation; the label is faulty, adjust or replace the label electric eye.

The PCB laser marking machine cannot be labeled. There are six main situations: the bidding speed is too slow, and the bidding speed is increased; the reserved label is not long enough, and the length of the reserved label is lengthened; the bidding speed is too fast, and the bidding speed is adjusted; the measuring object is off the label end. Too far; the spacing is too small, increase the speed of the clip belt; the label is poorly viscous or the object is unclean.

The PCB laser marking machine label wrinkles after being attached. This problem directly affects the labeling effect and quality and needs to be carefully removed. There are generally two cases: the reserved label is too long, and the reserved length of the small label needs to be adjusted; the speed of sending the label is too fast and the speed of the clip belt is relatively slow, and the speed of the two sets needs to be adjusted to match.

PCB laser marking machine settlement should pay attention to moisture, anti-exposure, temperature should be suitable; labeling machine long-term operation, pay attention to gears, bearings and other oil, preferably half a month for a cycle; PCB laser marking machine is in use Beforehand, carefully check whether the screws of the equipment are loose, so as to prevent the motor from being burnt out due to the looseness of the screw during the operation; after the application of the labeling machine, pay attention to clean and clean the dust on the surface of the device and disconnect the power supply. Pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment.


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