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Common problems and solutions for PCB printers

Common problems and solutions for PCB printers

There are a lot of PCB printers on the market, but the more common ones are automatic PCB printers, because it is automatic, which can help us reduce a lot of labor and improve efficiency, but in the process of operation, PCB spray There may be some breaks in the code machine. Let's take a look at it:

The quality of the die-cutting is also a great influence on the PCB printer when it is labeled. If the die-cutting pressure is too large, it may cause the bottom paper. If the die cutting is bad, the fracture surface of the labeling tape may be relatively uniform, and the crack is at the position of the die cutting line. If the rewinding of the label in the finished product is too tight, the adhesive in the adhesive will be squeezed out and the glue will be bleed. The oozing glue will stick to the back of the bottom paper, so that the entire label is not easy to loosen. In the summer, it is very obvious. If the label is narrower, the pit tension of the base paper on the unit area will not be very large. The automatic PCB printer has a certain tension during the labeling process. When a roll of label is used for automatic labeling, it is very likely that the label-attached bottom paper will be pulled off under the tension of the PCB printer and the tension inside the self-winding during the labeling process. Labeling the broken belt, the labeling of the broken belt caused by this situation, because the tension is broken, the bottom paper breaks irregularly, but the fracture surface is relatively uniform.

Common problems and solutions for PCB printers

For the conventional inkjet printer, if the bubble shape and the labeling are wrinkled, the general situation is due to the labeling wrinkles caused by the mismatch of the marking speed and the coating speed. Here, it is necessary to match the traction automatic frequency and the overlay automatic frequency parameter in the parameter interface of the touch screen to solve the above problem. In the case where the label is determined to be no problem, the adjustment mechanism needs to be debugged to make the label bid direction. Match the taper of the sample. The bottle type of the automatic labeling machine has a larger taper shape, and the space to be adjusted is larger. After the basic angle is determined, the test can be carried out. According to the actual situation, the direction of the bidding is adjusted, and the traction and the labeling frequency are required. match.


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