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Frequently Asked Questions When Marking with SMT Labeler

Frequently Asked Questions When Marking with SMT Labeler

SMT labeling machine is very mature now, and there are very few cases of missing labels, if it is really missing. It can be handled in several ways:

using SMT Labeling machine detection and rejection: a set of detection and tampering and culling devices are added at the back end of the labeling machine. The products with the labels are tested and the components are quickly labeled when the products are not labeled. Eliminate, and then put the rejected products on the labeling machine.

Frequently Asked Questions When Marking with SMT Labeler

Manual Detection Intervention: Using Artificial Approach Found the missing products, select them, and put them into the labeling machine for labeling. When we choose the speed of the automatic labeling machine, it is not as fast as possible, and the application is very good. Whether it is used in the production line or used independently. If our product filling speed is 100 bottles per minute, you don't need to buy a labeling machine with 400 bottles per minute. Therefore, when we choose the labeling machine and pay attention to the labeling speed of the automatic labeling machine, we need to combine the production efficiency of our daily production, front filling and boxing, and comprehensive selection.

SMT labeling machine is biased during the operation: 1. The pressure belt device is too tight, resulting in the deviation of the label The pressure on the pressure belt can be reduced slowly. 2. The label correction is not performed before the automatic operation, and the correction can be performed again. 3. The stripping plate is skewed and the label is deflected. We only need to adjust the stripping board.

SMT labeling machine labeling quality is not good, there are bubbles or wrinkles: 1, it is possible to cover the wheel and be veneered Not parallel, adjust the cover wheel. 2, the bidding speed and conveying speed and the coating speed are not matched, generally the bidding speed is too fast, and the bidding speed or conveying speed is re-adjusted. 3, the label strength is not enough, it is easier to wrinkle when bidding or over-labeling.

What should I do if the SMT labeling machine is deflected during operation? 1. It is possible that the traction mechanism is slipping or not being pressed, then This will result in the inability to smoothly remove the liner, resulting in a different length of the bid. 2. The speed of the bidding and the conveying speed do not match. 3. The slope of the pressure-sensitive brush at the stripping plate does not match. When the label is sent out, the label should be close to the brush and then the angle of the label is the same.

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