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SMT inkjet printer security operation tutorial

SMT inkjet printer security operation tutorial

SMT printer is actually a sophisticated industrial robot, a combination of machine-electric-optical and computer control technology. It achieves the fast and accurate placement of SMC/SMD components to the pad locations specified by the PCB without damaging components and printed circuit boards by means of suction-displacement-positioning-placement.

The centering of the components is mechanical alignment, laser alignment, and visual alignment. SMT inkjet printer consists of rack, xy motion mechanism (ball screw, linear guide, drive motor), placement head, component feeder, PCB carrier mechanism, device alignment detection device, computer control system, complete machine The motion is mainly realized by the xy motion mechanism, which transmits power through the ball screw and realizes the directional motion by the rolling linear guide motion pair. Such a transmission form not only has its own small motion resistance, compact structure, but also high motion precision. The ground position guarantees the placement accuracy of each component.

SMT Printer Safety Operation Tutorial

SMT printer is marked on important components such as mounting spindles, moving/static lenses, nozzle holders, and feeders. Machine vision can automatically find the coordinates of these Mark center systems, establish the conversion relationship between the SMT printer system coordinate system and the PCB and the placement component coordinate system, and calculate the motion precise coordinates of the SMT printer; the placement head is based on The package type, component number and other parameters of the imported mounting component are taken to the corresponding position to grab the nozzle and the suction component; the static lens detects, identifies and centers the suction component according to the visual processing procedure; after the alignment is completed, the placement head will be The component is mounted to a predetermined location on the PCB. The actions of the series of component identification, alignment, detection and placement are all automatically completed by the instruction control system after the industrial computer acquires relevant data according to the corresponding instructions.

SMT printer is the equipment used to achieve high-speed, high-precision placement of components, is the most critical in the entire SMT production The most complicated equipment. The SMT printer is a patch device used in the production of SMT. The SMT printer is to place the chip components accurately in the corresponding position, and then glue them with the previously applied red glue and solder paste, and then pass the reflow soldering furnace to fix the chip components on the PCB. .

Safely operate the SMT printer by following the basic safety rules and procedures:

1. The machine operator should receive training in the correct method.

2, check the machine, replace parts or repair and internal adjustment should be turned off (the machine must be pressed for maintenance) Emergency button or power off.

3, make "read coordinates" and adjust the machine YPU (programming part) In your hands, stop the machine at any time.

4, make the "interlock" safety device remain valid to stop the machine at any time, on the machine Safety detection, etc. can not be skipped or shorted, otherwise it is very prone to personal or machine safety accidents.

5, production time Only one operator is allowed to operate one machine.

6. During the operation, all parts of the body such as hands and heads are in the machine. Outside the range of movement.

7, the machine must have a correct grounding (true grounding, not the zero line).

8. Do not use the machine in a gas or extremely dirty environment.

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