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How to control the accuracy of online labeling machine

The online labeler configures the station based on usage. If used as a stand-alone machine, you need to manually place the product and receive it manually. But the speed is faster than semi-automatic, and the speed can reach 300P/min for the double-side labeling machine. For faster work efficiency, the material handling and receiving mechanism can be equipped with a material handling mechanism. The wiring of the online labeling machine can improve the efficiency. It can be placed at the back end of the filling machine and the cartoning machine. The front part of the equipment is automatically transported to the labeling machine after work, without manual guard. Online labeling machine can be used in stand-alone or wiring. It can realize multiple labeling functions in one machine. The automation and expandability are better than semi-automatic models. In the environment of large production and production line production, it is highly recommended to purchase fully automatic models.

How to control the accuracy of the online labeling machine

The online labeling machine is a kind of equipment for labeling. Since it is labeling, there are of course the specified position requirements. The accuracy index of the online labeling machine is the error of the specified position. The accuracy of the online labeling machine is generally described as positive error and Negative error, such as: positive 0.5mm, negative 1.0mm; more common is the same as positive and negative error requirements, it is expressed as ±1mm, ±2mm, etc., its meaning is also the edge position of the label, it needs to fall in the center The line (predetermined position) is within the specified distance range of 1mm or 2mm. If it is exceeded, the accuracy is not enough. It is not up to standard! Under normal circumstances, we position it with the edge of a label. Ideally, this edge is a straight line. The difference between the edge and the labeling position we require is the labeling accuracy. When the label is of another shape, such as a circle, an arc, or another shape, it is defined as such.

When purchasing an online labeling machine, be sure to communicate the accuracy of this indicator with the online labeling machine manufacturer, so that the purchased equipment is guaranteed to be qualified equipment! The appropriate labeling surface is selected according to the requirements of the supply chain management and packaging. The property selects the appropriate labeling surface, and the choice of automatic printing labeler labeling method depends on the goods. The labeling surface of the package also depends on how the conveyor line is transported. The labeling machine manufacturer stated that these factors directly determine the positioning and specifications of the header.


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