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Working principle and components of online labeling machine

Online labeling machine working principle and components

High-quality online labeling machine generally has the characteristics of high stability, intelligent control, flexible application, high label coincidence, sturdiness, low running cost, simple adjustment, etc. Choosing a quality labeling machine is half the battle, and it works by feeding the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The focus is on the mechanical fixtures that separate the boxes. The fixed distance then pushes the box in the direction of the conveyor belt, so it is an integral part of modern packaging. The maintenance of the online labeling machine also needs to be paid attention to. When adjusting, the bottle labeling head of the online labeling machine shall prevail, mainly based on the bottle star wheel, and the bottle is located in the middle of the groove of the bottle star wheel. At that time, adjust the auger so that the auger is close to the bottle on the side of the bottle but does not produce displacement. When the bottle head is just lifted, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle is located in the middle of the groove of the star wheel, which fully reflects the person at the time of design. The harmonious design concept of the machine, and then the operation of the equipment, is always under a unique design of the protection system, the use of modular change design, a bottle of a mold without any tools.

Online labeler working principle and components

For the operation of the online labeling machine, many people who have just contacted are not too familiar with it. Some old online labeling machine operators are also aware of the various components of the online labeling machine, which is easy to cause failures. The following online labeling machine The manufacturer Su Chao Electronics introduces the various components of the online labeling machine to help more people operate the online labeling machine reasonably.

First, the host

1, the main power switch: turn the host power on or off

2, visual display: display the image obtained by moving the lens or the identification of components and symbols.

3. Operation display: Display the VIOS software screen of the machine operation. If there is an error or a problem during the operation, the correction information is also displayed on this screen.

4. Warning light: Indicates the operating conditions of the online labeling machine in green, yellow and red.

Green: The machine is in automatic operation

Yellow: Error (return to origin cannot be performed, pick up error, identify fault, etc.) or interlock generation.

Red: The machine is in an emergency stop state (the machine or YPU stop button is pressed).

5. Emergency stop button: Press this button to trigger an emergency stop immediately.

Second, the work head component

1. Work head assembly: Move in the XY direction (or X direction), pick up parts from the feeder and mount them on the PCB.

2. Work head assembly movement handle: When the servo control is released, you can use your hand to move in each direction. This handle is usually used when moving the work head assembly by hand.

Third, the visual system

1. Moving lens: used to identify the mark or position or coordinate tracking on the PCB.

2, independent vision lens: used to identify components, mainly those with pinned QPF.

3. Backlight component: When recognizing with an independent visual lens, the component is illuminated from the back.

4, laser components: through the laser beam can be used to identify parts, mainly sheet-like parts.

5, multi-view lens: can identify a variety of parts at a time, speed up the recognition speed.

Fourth, the feeding platform

With feeders, bulk feeders and tube feeders (multi-tube feeders), it can be installed in the front or rear feed platform of the online labeler.

Five, shaft structure

X-axis: The moving head assembly is parallel to the PCB transfer direction.

Y-axis: The moving head assembly is perpendicular to the PCB transfer direction.

Z-axis: Controls the height of the work head assembly.

R axis: Controls the rotation of the nozzle shaft of the working head assembly.

W axis: adjust the width of the transport rail.

Sixth, transport rail components

1, the main baffle

2, positioning needle

3, into the push parts

4, edge fixture

5, push up the tablet

6, push up the thimble

7, the entrance baffle

7. Nozzle station: Allows automatic exchange of nozzles. A total of 16 nozzles can be loaded, 7 standard and 9 optional nozzles.

Eight, air source components: including air filter, air pressure adjustment button, barometer.

Nine, input and operating parts

1, YPU programming components

Ready button: The abnormal stop is released and the servo system acts.

2, the keyboard

Domestic online labeling machine manufacturers are developing towards the development of fast and relatively low-cost packaging equipment, and the company that has the production of sealing machinery and equipment will update the future product or increase the proportion of the labeling machine production line. Rising, especially in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. With the development of global technology, developed countries have already adopted some technologies such as nuclear energy technology, in order to better meet the needs of the modern market, in order to be able to get a lot of development in the packaging machine machinery industry, labeling machine production Enterprises are more vigorously innovating, researching and developing high-tech, and developing and innovating the online labeling machine industry.


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