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Application characteristics of online labeling machine

Online labeling machine Application characteristics

Online labeling machine has automatic feeding function, which automatically puts stacked materials into the assembly line labeling, vacuum can be used Adsorption belt ensures smooth running of materials and servo motor control to ensure high-precision labeling.

Online labeler >The main electrical accessories of the whole machine come from imported famous brands, with reliable quality, memory storage program function, can store 50 sets of parameters, optional machine vision system and barcode reader, can synchronously check whether the label content is correct and the labeling effect is good or bad. It is mainly used for labeling on various flat packaging materials such as cartons, cartons, etc. in various industries such as medicine, food, electronics, hardware, and automobiles. The fully automatic flat labeling machine is suitable for folding packaging boxes with electronic supervision code labels, anti-counterfeiting labels or logistics information labels.

Online labeling machine realizes labeling and filming on the upper plane and upper arc surface of the workpiece, such as box, book, plastic shell, etc. It is mainly selected according to efficiency, precision and bubble requirements.

Application Features of Online Labeling Machine

The online labeling machine has the following five characteristics: /p>

●Humanized operating system: simple and intuitive operation, complete functions, thoughtful technical service;

● Miniature design of mechanical structure, taking up less space, equipment moving and easy to place in the assembly line;

●Online labeling machine adopts product guiding gap elimination mechanism and label anti-deviation mechanism, the positioning accuracy of labeling is up to ±0.5mm;

● Self-adhesive labeling machine has good stability, flat labeling, no wrinkles, no bubbles, and can meet the requirements of most products on the flat and large arc surface;

● combination labeling machine, suitable Wide range of applications: Simply adjust to convert between double-sided and circumferential stickers;

● mechanical adjustment part structure The ingenious design of the combination and label winding, the degree of freedom of labeling position is easy to adjust (fixed after adjustment), making the conversion between different products and label winding simple and time-saving;

●The advantages of online labeling machine are that there is no object labeling, no standard auto-correction and automatic detection function;

● The main material of the equipment is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, the overall structure is firm and elegant;

●It adopts standard PLC+ touch screen+stepping motor+standard sensor electronic control system control, high safety factor, human-computer interaction interface full Chinese annotation and perfect fault handling prompt function, operation teaching function; easy to use and easy to maintain;

●Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, maintenance, Level and other instructions to provide adequate protection for the normal operation of the device;

● Optional transparent label-specific detection of electric eyes to improve detection accuracy;

● Fully automatic flat labeling machine can be equipped with coder and other configurations to complete coding and labeling simultaneously, and can be early warning Printing device status;

●With fault alarm function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no labeling within the set time, The device automatically goes to the power-saving standby state), the production number setting prompt function, the parameter setting protection function (parameter setting sub-right management);

●Online labeling machine can be used in stand-alone mode or in line.

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