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tin smoke purifier
tin smoke purifier
tin smoke purifier

Shanmu Automated Tin Smoke Purifier is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly tin smoke purification equipment that takes immediate absorption and purification of smoke and odor generated by the electronics workshop to avoid polluting indoor air. Suitable for workshops such as manual soldering, automatic soldering, tin furnace, repair welding, viscose, wave reflow soldering and other smoke and odor purification. Solder Paste Management Machine has a multi-filter system built in, and the filtered gas can meet the national indoor air emission standards without the need for efflux, high purification rate, and more. Conducive to the cleanliness of the workshop, it has obvious advantages over the traditional external exhaust system: flexible, environmentally friendly, safe, sufficient suction, low noise, simple maintenance and low cost of use. Shanmu automatic tin smoke purifier has high efficiency dust collection, different particle size of soot particles, high purification efficiency, according to different places purification treatment, using different modular purification or unit separation and drawer structure purification, installation and maintenance cleaning Convenience. Safe and reliable to use. The electrostatic power control system has over-voltage, over-current, and short-circuit automatic protection devices, and the equipment runs stably.


Mountain Automation Tin Smoke Purifier operates when the exhaust gas is at a certain high pressure When passing through the electric field, it is struck by a large amount of electric charge of corona discharge in the electric field. A large amount of oil particles in the oil fume gas are highly ionized, decomposed, charred, and generate a large amount of negative ions, so that the oil ions are charged, and the solder paste management machine is charged. The oil ions move to the dust collecting tube driven by the electric field force, reach the pole tube and lose the charge, and finally deposit on the dust collecting tube.


Shanmu Automated Tin Smoke Purifier Product Features:

1 Lifetime no consumables, clean the high pressure filter regularly (about 4 weeks cleaning).

2 This equipment is designed to deal with high smoke (dust) and reduce the concentration of smoke (dust), and the treatment effect is over 90%. .

3 solder paste management machine has no secondary pollution, stable and safe operation and long service life.

4 output high voltage: 30KV  50-100mA

5 purification amount up to 1200 cubic meters / hour

6 can be used together with soldering equipment, while solving welding smoke pollution problem.