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Mountain Automation

Mountain Automation

Intelligent identification traceability solution based on Industry 4.0 production information management system, our company uses laser / inkjet technology...

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Smart Logo Tracing Solution

Intelligent identification traceability solution

Based on Industry 4.0 production information management system, our company uses laser/inkjet technology to independently develop and produce fully automatic online labeling machine, which realizes online labeling of electronic labels (1D/ QR code), and customized to interface with MES, so that enterprises can realize automatic marking, recording, error prevention, monitoring, real-time analysis and tracking of production process operations, truly realize unmanned, paperless operation and effectively reduce costs. Improve product quality and increase production efficiency.


Online Labeler

The machine is suitable for a wide range of industries, mainly for the plane of objects such as cartons, plastic covers, bottles, plastic parts, metal parts, etc. Side, top, bottom, bevel, and uneven surface labeling, the universal range is wide, and the range is adjustable. Customs are required outside the specified range.


◆ The whole machine adopts imported control system and operating system, the attachment position is more accurate, the quality is guaranteed, the stability is higher, and the operation adjustment is simple and convenient;

◆ Mechanical adjustment part of the structural design and label winding reasonable design, the labeling position freedom is fine-tuned (can be fixed after adjustment), making the conversion between different products and label winding easy and time-saving ;

◆ With no object labeling, no standard auto-correction and automatic detection;

◆ Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade, etc.) to provide sufficient protection for the normal operation of the equipment;

◆ With fault alarm function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no labeling within the set time, the device automatically goes to the power saving standby state) ) Product setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function (parameter setting sub-right management);

◆ Working principle: sensor detects product After passing, the signal is sent back to the labeling control system, and the control system is in place.