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Online laser marking machine
Online laser marking machine
Online laser marking machine

Online Laser Marking Machine

Automatic PCB laser marking machine is a professional equipment for marking 1D code, QR code, text, symbol or graphic on the surface of PCB. It consists of laser marking system, XY precision motion platform, MARK+CCD precise positioning system, transmission track automatic adjustment system and online reading system.

Online laser marking machine is mainly composed of automatic board machine, automatic marking machine and automatic lower board machine, automatic The upper board machine is responsible for transporting the PCBs stacked on the PCB trolley one by one to the PCB marking working platform of the marking host, and marking the host with the high-precision XYZ module movement to realize the marking action, after the marking is completed The automatic lowering machine is responsible for transporting the marked PCB to the PCB trolley until it is filled with the small cart, so that the cycle is repeated, the cost of manual loading and unloading is saved, and the production efficiency and product quality of the product are improved.

Online laser marking machine features:

Full-automatic machining: CCD positioning is fast and accurate, and can be automatically recognized after marking is completed

PCB laser marking machine machining accuracy High: The repeatability of the whole machine can reach ±0.1mm

The processing width is large: the processing width is up to 460X510mm

High production efficiency: automatic adjustment of the track and automatic focus adjustment, shortening the changeover time, with the waste board recognition function to prevent replaying

< p="" style="white-space: normal; text-indent: 2em;">PCB laser marking machine software is easy to operate: visual interface, easy to operate, Fast programming and flexible docking data system.


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