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automatic labeling machine

automatic labeling machine

In order to solve the defects of single labeling object and low labeling efficiency, Shanmu Automation automatic labeling machine is designed by the dispensing mechanism, labeling mechanism, conveying mechanism and control. Automatic labeling system consisting of devices...

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In order to solve the defects of single labeling object and low labeling efficiency, Shanmu Automation's full PCB labeling machine has designed an automatic labeling system consisting of a dispensing mechanism, a labeling mechanism, a conveying mechanism and a control device. Shanmu full automatic labeling machine combines various specifications labeling methods such as plane, curved surface and bottle type, and realizes automatic automation of material sorting, conveying, labeling and recycling through multi-key operation. The three-dimensional structural model adopted by Shanmu Automation Automatic Labeling Machine uses finite element analysis software to analyze the strength and stiffness of relevant important components, and verify that the strength of the component is reasonable and meets the design requirements.

automatic labeling machine

Shanmu Automation PCB Labeling Machine Features:

1. Applicable to all kinds of circuit boards in the SMT industry that require labeling, adhesive, and self-adhesive;

2. Improve the production capacity of SMT online labeling machine;

3. Significantly reduce operator labeling error rate;

4. Make the SMT production line smoother and more efficient;

High speed: up to 3600 pieces/hour;

High precision: two sets of high-precision visual alignment elements;

Flexible: optional alignment, one-center, two-to-medium mode;

PCB labeling machine has a wide adaptability: suitable for a variety of high-speed, high-precision labels and adhesive applications.