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solder paste storage cabinet

solder paste storage cabinet

Shanmu Automated Solder Paste Storage Cabinet solves the original traditional process, purchasing solder paste preparation, sorting by component, querying the shelf life, refrigerating storage, and regaining temperature. Manual mixing, recycling and other links...

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Shanmu Automated Solder Paste Storage Cabinet solves the multi-department of the original traditional process, such as purchase of solder paste, classification into ingredients, inspection of shelf life, refrigerated storage, rejuvenation, manual mixing, recycling and storage. The problem of difficult manual implementation of multiple manual division management and record traceability, the focus is on empowering the process to become a digital workstation, laying the technical foundation and equipment foundation for the application unit to implement intelligent manufacturing and lean management.  

solder paste storage cabinet

Shanmu Automated Solder Paste Storage Cabinet specifically solves the following three problems:

1. Through the timing and quantitative automatic control of the solder paste storage and preparation process during the SMT production process, the product quality consistency problem caused by the poor repeatability of the process is reduced, thereby ensuring the stability of product quality. , reducing product quality risks;

2. Through the empowerment of the solder paste storage process, the relatively complete process is digitally digitized, solving the information island problem of the original solder paste management system, deploying or accessing MES, ERP and APS systems for enterprises. Opened the last link, making it possible to realize digital collaborative manufacturing of the factory through data driving;

3. Through the independent research and development of open heterogeneous data protocol, communication and collaborative management with various types of MES, ERP and APS systems are realized. The solder paste storage cabinet can monitor the original operation process through the industrial APP, and realize Precise traceability of product quality issues.