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SMT Smart Warehousing

SMT Smart Warehousing

SMT intelligent warehousing can intelligently and unmannedly realize a series of flow movements of materials from warehouse to production line, such as deposit, sorting, distribution, nuclear, and hair, to realize electronic materials...

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SMT solder paste The management machine can realize a series of flow movements of materials storage, sorting, distribution, nuclear, and hair from the warehouse to the production line intelligently and unmannedly, and realize the precise management of electronic materials “one object, one code, one location”; Through integration with ERP, MES and other systems, the SMT work order materials can be accurately distributed according to the station information, reducing the risk of wrong materials.

SMT Smart Warehousing

SMT solder paste management machine replaces personnel access materials, saving manpower; one-to-one intensive storage instead of traditional shelves, saving space, accurately controlling storage through industry Visual technology analyzes tray information; System integration member, automatically, efficiently and accurately sends the material.

SMT solder paste management machine can accurately realize the automatic storage of materials and reach the production line and automatic inventory of tailings according to the real-time demand of the production line. The SMT intelligent storage system can be interconnected with the placement machine data, and the tail data is automatically updated when the production line materials are returned to the warehouse, without personnel inventory.

Functional Analysis: Traceability Management

Forward traceability: through bar code barcode information; trace storage/return/mixing/receiving; personnel/time/temperature/work order/product

Reverse trace: Solder paste management machine through finished bar code information; retrospective storage / rewarming / stirring / use; personnel / time / temperature / order / batch / supplier