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solder paste intelligent storage management cabinet
solder paste intelligent storage management cabinet
solder paste intelligent storage management cabinet
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Mountain solder paste storage cabinet mainly solves the problem:

[Tizhu related issues]

1. Solder paste not fully warmed <>

2. Insufficient solder paste

2. For too long, there is no reflux, the solvent evaporates, the paste becomes dry powder, and the ink is dropped.

3. Humidity is too big, under Humidity can reach 95% in rain, need to be dehydrated

4. Solder paste is not active, dry too fast, or too much Small tin powder

5. Solder paste exposed to oxidizing environment for too long, absorb moisture in the air

6. Insufficient preheating, Heating is too slow and uneven

tin paste intelligent storage management cabinet

[solder paste storage cabinet tombstone Related issues]

1. After solder paste is placed for too long, the flux volatilizes too much and the activity decreases 

2. The tensile force of the solder is greater than the adhesion of the solder paste to the component, and the uneven force causes the tombstone

3. Uneven printing, too much cheap

4. Different widths at both ends of the pad result in different affinity

[ Solder paste storage Cabinet Line short circuit problem】

1. The solder paste is too thin, including the low content of metal or solid in the solder paste, low solubility, Solder paste is easy to blast.

2. Solder paste particles are too large, flux surface tension is too small

3. Poor incoming material, such as IC pin coplanarity;

4. The steel mesh is too thick and severely deformed 

5. The blade pressure is not properly set or the blade is deformed  /p>

6. Excessive printing pressure, blurring the printed graphics

[Solder paste storage cabinet reflow offset problem]

1. Pre-reflow offset: solder paste Not sticky enough

2. Offset in reflow: insufficient solder paste activity


1. Insufficient solder paste

2. Solder paste is not humid enough

3. Tin paste is too dilute to cause tin reflow 4. Uneven heating

5. The coplanarity of the components is not good