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Smart solder paste storage cabinet
Smart solder paste storage cabinet
Smart solder paste storage cabinet

The current solder paste management mainly has a single refrigerated cabinet, a single reheating cabinet; the refrigerating of the solder paste needs to be done manually, and the solder paste in the refrigerated cabinet is placed in the reheating cabinet a few hours before the production. Back to temperature, this process usually requires manual operation in the early morning hours to prepare for early production. The manual process is cumbersome, the workload is large, the time control is not accurate, the management quality of the solder paste is not ideal, and the solder paste cannot be realized. Minimum unitized access.

Smart Solder Paste Storage Cabinet

Shanmu automatic solder paste storage cabinet can realize the management of solder paste intelligent access data terminal.

Shanmu automatic solder paste storage cabinet use process: solder paste feed - scan code - into the freezer - scan code - into the temperature zone - back to temperature - scan code - stir - scan code - collar With - scan code - elimination code, is the first choice for solder paste storage cabinet management digital station terminal products. The machine has a built-in intelligent robot arm. In actual production, the system will intelligently interact with the solder paste life cycle management software and the intelligent solder paste storage temperature mixing equipment to realize the intelligent storage of solder paste, intelligent temperature recovery and intelligent mixing. The whole process requires no manual intervention, all data is transparent in real time, and can be traced at any time.